I have always loved working with my hands either fixing or creating, I also have great memories of working in the bog when I was younger... funny how my memories make it seem like I enjoyed it but it was probably hard work!.... so from that  I had an inkling of an idea for my first piece of art and I knew I wanted to use Bog Oak in a juxtaposed position and the "Dark Side of the Bog" was born since then I have expanded and created a few more art pieces and jewellery which I think are striking and really suit any envoirnment or outfit!

Bog oak is a type of wood that is preserved in bogs for thousands of years and is old and quite rare.

IDÉÚ creates beautiful and unique jewellery and Art pieces from this rare wood.

I source my bog oak from local bogs in Westmeath, and each piece of jewellery is handmade in my workshop in Mullingar.